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Kent is a land of gardens and orchards, of historic castles and churches, of pretty villages and fine market towns, but above all, it is a land that is inescapably linked to the sea. Its proximity to Europe across the narrow channel means that invaders through the centuries have chosen the Kent coast as a gateway to Britain.You don’t have to travel far to find beauty, fun and relaxation.
Kent offers a wide choice of accommodation to suit all tastes and budgets.
Whether you stay in a town or city centre with attractions on the doorstep, or wish to get away from it all to the coast or in the heart of the countryside, you are sure to receive a warm welcome.
Kent is an ideal short break or holiday destination, and is famous for it's quaint cottages, well appointed hotels, Bed and Breakfast for short stays, as well as Caravan and Camping parks.
There are 1000's of restaurants in Kent covering all four corners of our gastronomic globe to tempt even the most discerning connoisseur. Whether you want to relax over a cappuccino, enjoy a light lunch, have a fun family meal or indulge in a taste sensation, Kent caters for every occasion.

Kent boasts over 1000 square miles of countryside and 350 miles of coastline to explore, plus more historic homes and castles than any other county.
Kent is known as 'The Garden of England', due to the large number of hop gardens and orchards in the county.
Kent is widely believed to be England's oldest county, and is home to around 17,000 listed buildings.
Two of Kent's Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty cover around one third of the entire county.

350 miles of coastline to explore, over 1000 square miles of countryside plus more historic homes and castles than any other county.
At the southeastern border of England, Kent is only around 21 miles from France.
England's oldest county is a wonderful short break and holiday destination, with many Blue Flag beaches, places of interest, and fun things to do.
A train journey from London to Kent's coast is just a short trip.

Kent has more castles and historic houses than any other county, there are 18 castles alone, from romantic Hever to the fortress of Dover.
Deal Castle was one sturdy link in the chain of coastal fortresses built by order of Henry VIII, who feared invasion from France. Further along the coast is Walmer Castle and Gardens, which in more recent years has become the elegant residence of the Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports. Rising from a lake in 500 acres of glorious parkland, Leeds Castle is the epitome of elegance and a treasure house of furnishings, paintings and antiques dating back centuries.

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